Products And Services

Products And Services

Phoxel builds global enterprise grade applications using advanced visualisation technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality
While embracing these new era technologies, Phoxel tries to integrate with the existing enterprise systems and achieve a seamless transition to the next level

Augmented Reality | Mixed Reality | Virtual Reality

Phoxel brings in top notch domain level expertise in each of the verticals it serves
Our products and services are built with the following ‘Value Proposition’ as the key focus,

  • Save travelling costs by 25% to 30%
  • Enable enterprises to deliver their projects well within the time and budget, making an extra 2% - 8% cost savings
  • Real time visualisation of projects and analytics
  • Collaborate with teams divided across geographies and functional domains
  • Conform to the Standards And Policies of the domain and Law Of The Land

Value Proposition

Currently Phoxel offers its Products & Services in the following verticals :