Crime Scene Investigation Solutions

Investigating agencies need to capture the crime scene as it is for later examination.

Quick and complete capture solutions are the need of the hour.

A strong and clear evidence helps the various agencies in establishing the truth.

Phoxel works with these agencies in understanding the pain points and attempts to solve them.

The current solutions are appreciated by some of the prime Investigative and First Responder agencies.


1. Crime Scene Capture

Phoxel Technologies provides latest tools for capturing the crime scene for later analysis. The crime scene could be

  • Indoors
  • Out doors short spans
  • Out doors long spans

Phoxel deploys a variety of devices to capture color and depth data of the crime scene.

IR and Laser based devices are used depending on the suitability.

2. Overlays

The crime scene can then be properly annotated for a clear and compelling explanation of the case.

Overlays are possible in 3 dimensions with both text and image data.

3. AR / VR Visualisations of the captured scene

The crime scene can be visualised by one or more groups of people to discuss, debate and establish the truth.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality head gear helps in understanding the 3D crime scene model in a far more intuitive way.

The scene is captured with the depth data and hence a real feel of the distances is brought to light. The annotations explain the flow of events for a act of crime to be clearly understood.

Simultaneous visualisation of the crime scene by various parties like Jury, Investigating Officers, Public Prosecutors, Defence Lawyers, Accused and the Witnesses take it a few notches up in removing any ambiguity during the course of legal proceedings.

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